Sirhan Sirhan

I met him when I taught at Soledad. Never talked to him about his case.The man I talked to seemed neither afraid or angry, resigned. He was working, quite effectively, as a teacher’s aide in the protective housing unit.

I remember him him working with a man named “Vallejo”, who had “Vallejo” tattooed on his forehead. The image of a patient man and Mr. Vallejo stuck in my memory.

Today, I read that his lawyers are filing an appeal stating that  there is evidence that somebody  switched bullets in 1968, in LA,  producing a  frame job.

The gist of the argument is that bullets from Sirhan’s gun didn’t match the bullets in Kennedy .

Where will  this appeal go? The usual nowhere? Will history say, if there is a history, of this era in American life: The End of the Republic?

What a tragedy if he is yet another victim of the invisible hand of a secret state within a state.